The Movement

What We Do

The Tree Plant is a dedicated service to reducing the impact of pollution by working with individuals and groups who want to make a difference. We've formed the relationships and laid the groundwork to make taking action as easy as a monthly subscription. Offsetting your carbon footprint has never been easier.


Greenhouse Aware

Society operates in a way that's dependent on greenhouse gases and as much as we try to avoid them, we can't. Instead, we should be conscious of how much we produce and look to offset this over time.


Everyone Counts

With an understanding of how much carbon you produce, we invite you to join our community in planting more tree's to offset the production of harmful gases. We partner with the best and will ensure your trees are taken care of.


The Grass is Greener

Over time, you'll see eco-systems rejuvenate and with feedback from our partners, you'll be able to monitor just how much you're aiding the environment. It's a long road (it can take years), but all the best things are.


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